Suggested Reading

The titles given below represent a selection of books which members of the Astrological Society have found useful. The reader should bear in mind that the lists are by no means exhaustive but, instead, it is hoped that they will prove a useful starting point.

Astrology   Meditation   Philosophy/Esoteric

Author    Title
Basic Texts
Davison, R. C. Astrology
Hone, M. E. The Modern Text-Book of Astrology (revised)
Jackson, E. Astrology, A Psychological Approach
Lind, I. Astrologically Speaking
Mayo, J. Teach Yourself Astrology
Oken, A. Alan Oken's Complete Astrology
Parker, E. Astrology and its Practical Application
Sakoian, F. & Acker, L. S. The Astrologer's Handbook

Progressions & Transits
Davison, R. C. Cycles Of Destiny
Hand, R. Planets In Transit
Leo, A. The Progressed Horoscope

Davison, R. C. Synastry
Greene, L. Relating
Thornton, P. Synastry

Appleby, D. Horary Astrology
Goldstein-Jacobson, I. Simplified Horary Astrology
Zoller, R. The Lost Key To Prediction, The Arabic Parts in Astrology

Holden, R. W. The Elements of House Division
Rudhyar, D. The Astrological Houses
Sasportas, H. The Twelve Houses

Filbey, J, & Filbey, P. Astronomy for Astrologers
Mayo, J. The Astrologer's Astronomical Handbook

Arroyo, S. Astrology, Karma and Transformation
Arroyo, S. Astrology, Psychology & The Four Elements
Carter, C. E. O. The Astrological Aspects
Carter, C. E. O. Essays On The Foundations of Astrology
Crane, P. A. F. Draconic Astrology
Ebertin, R. The Combination of Stellar Influences
Gichrist, C. Planetary Symbolism in Astrology
Greene, L. Saturn
Greene, L. The Astrology of Fate
Halevi, Z. ben S. The Anatomy of Fate
Jackson, E. Jupiter
Jones, M. E. The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation
Leo, A. Mars
Leo, A. Jupiter
Libra, C. A. Astrology, Its Techniques & Ethics
Oken, A. Alan Oken's Complete Astrology
Schulman, M. Karmic Astrology Vol. 1,
The Moon's Nodes And Reincarnation
Schulman, M. Karmic Astrology Vol. 2,
Retrogrades And Reincarnation
Schulman, M. Karmic Astrology Vol. 3,
Joy And The Part Of Fortune
Schulman, M. Karmic Astrology Vol. 4,
The Karma Of The Now
Tyler, P.H. Mercury
Van Toen, D. The Astrologer's Node Book



Author    Title
Oliver, L. Meditation, and the creative imperative
Wilhelm, R. The Secret Of The Golden Flower



Author    Title
Attar, F. U-D. The Conference Of The Birds
Davies, W. & Zur. G. The Phoenician Letters
Halevi, Z. ben S. Tree Of Life, An Introduction To Cabala
Halevi, Z. ben S. The Way Of Kabbalah
Halevi, Z. ben S. A Kabbalistic Universe
Halevi, Z. ben S. Adam And The Kabbalistic Tree
Ouspensky, P. D. In Search Of The Miraculous
Westcott, Dr. W. W. Sepher Yetzirah, The Book Of Creation


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