Galactic Astrology : How To Erect a Galactic Chart

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STEP 1   Use a planetary ephemeris to locate the positions of the 10 planets and Ascendant as for a zodiacal chart.
STEP 2   The Earth is located 180 degress from the position of the natal Sun and replaces the Sun in a Galactic chart.
Note: An Earth position has to be established because a Galactic chart is Sun or essence based rather than Earth based like the Zodiacal chart, i.e. we are viewing the universe from the Sun.
STEP 3   Apply the Rule of Hermes:

If the Moon is waxing, i.e. the Moon is moving away from the Sun (towards opposition) then :
Zodiacal Moon        = Galactic Ascendant
Zodiacal Ascendant = Galactic Moon
If the Moon is waning, i.e. the Moon is moving towards the Sun (towards conjunction) then:
Zodiacal Moon          = Galactic Descendant
Zodiacal Descendant = Galactic Moon
STEP 4   Galactic Conversion Tables are now required to convert the zodiacal positions into galactic positions.



Zodiacal Galactic
Sun 08 Virgo 19  ... becomes ...  Earth 25 Nurture 33   (Nurture)
Moon 18 Gemini 30  ... becomes*...  Desc. 15 Collect 19   (Collect)
Asc. 13 Taurus 30  ... becomes*...  Moon 2 Protect 8   (Protect)
Mercury 23 Virgo 15  ... becomes ...  Mercury 3 Teach 19   (Teach)
Venus 13 Virgo 30  ... becomes ...  Venus 28 Interpret 25   (Interpret)
* The Moon is waning (see Rule of Hermes above)

The other house cusps are located at 30o intervals based on the (Zodiacal) Moon's position. Starting with the position given above we get:-

Zodiacal Galactic
Moon 18 Gemini 30  ... becomes ...  Desc. 15 Collect 19   (Collect)
18 Cancer 30  ... becomes ...  8th House 11 Rule 20   (Rule)
18 Leo 30  ... becomes ...  9th House 13 Interpret 7   (Interpret)
18 Virgo 30  ... becomes ...  10th House 0 Teach 55   (Teach)
18 Libra 30  ... becomes ...  11th House 16 Teach 10   (Teach)
18 Scorpio 30  ... becomes ...  12th House 6 Protect 16   (Protect)

Note that Heal (Heal) and, hence, Law (Law) are intercepted. Further, the Earth will be situated in the 3rd. House.


Points of Interest

The starting point of the Galactic Signs (0o Law) is at 26o Sagittarius

The Earth (Earth) must always lie in one of the first 6 houses in the Galactic chart. This is beneath the Galactic horizon and indicates how the 'self image' is bound in some way by inner consequences. This is a consequence of the Rule of Hermes.

The wheel of the Galactic Houses indicates how 'debts' can be paid constructively, even creatively, by paying attention to the unfolding process represented by the order of the Galactic (or Karmic) houses.


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