Zodiacal Astrology : Aspects Between Planets

An aspect is the angular distance between two planets, and is measured in degrees of arc. The orb is the number of degrees outside the exact angle for an aspect to be "effective".

Major Aspects   Minor Aspects   Notes
Major aspects

Aspect  Symbol  Angle   Orb  

Conjunction Conjunction 0   8   Planetary energies combine, a "variable" aspect depending on the nature of the planets concerned. It emphasises the area of the chart in which it falls.
Opposition Opposition 180   8   Indicates external conflict, "Self versus Other'.
Trine Trine 120   8   Indicates an harmonious flow of energies, a creative, external aspect.
Square Trine 90   8   Indicates internal conflict, inhibition, frustration, creates tension, but may provide drive and hence success.
Sextile Sextile 60   4   Indicates the potential for harmonious, creative flow of energies, helpful.


Minor aspects

Aspect Symbol  Angle   Orb  

Semi-sextile Semi-Sextile 30   2   Variable.
Semi-square Semi-Square 45   2   A little stressful.
Quintile Quintile 72   2   Creativity, evolution.
Sesquiquadrate Sesquiquadrate 135   2   Unfavourable.
Quincux (Inconjunct) Quincunx 150   2   Stressful.



For aspects to the Asc., Desc., M.C., I.C. and Moon's Nodes only a 2o orb should be used since these are not planets but sensitive points in the chart.

The orb of any aspect may be expanded by 2o if the Sun or Moon is involved.


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