Zodiacal Astrology : Angles And Houses

The Angles   The Houses
The Angles

The Angles are derived differently according to the method used in a given house system but the I.C. is always opposite the M.C. and the Descendant is always opposite the Ascendant. In most house systems, these four points mark the beginning of the 4th, 10th, 7th and 1st houses respectively. The Angles are particularly sensitive points in the horoscope and any planet in close proximity to any of them will be emphasised in the chart.


Ascendant "Appearance", the physical body, illnesses that affect the body, how one projects oneself into the world, "what is apparent".

Descendant   "Partners", what the partners are like, what one is like to partners, what is sought in partners.

M.C. "Ambition", direction, what one aspires towards, what one would like to be like.

I.C. "Roots", what one describes security as, foundation of the character, home, habitual tendencies.


The Houses

The Houses represent 12 different categories of life experience and can be viewed as mundane reflections of the signs.


1st House "Appearance", window to the world, the body, expression towards others, temperament, persona, physical condition, vitality.

2nd House "Unfixed possessions", money, objects, etc. attitudes to these, responsibility, personal security, "Values", feelings and emotions, trade, gain or loss.

3rd House "Communication", spoken and written, early education, short-term travel, newspapers, media, T.V., telephone calls, etc., brothers and sisters, neighbours.

4th House "Roots", early home environment, family background, the mother, the place to build up security, the land, estate, genealogy, the end of life - final condition, final resting place.

5th House "Creativity", children of body and mind, romance, theatre, drama, recreation, leisure activities, gambling, speculation, self-expression, love affairs; fun house.

6th House "Work", physical service to others, health, hygiene, diet, how one operates in the world, employees, small animals (pets); house of 'appropriateness'.

7th House "Partners", personal and business, open enemies, public dealings, mentors.

8th House "Transformation", transformative experiences, crises, sex, death (wills, legacies), secrets, occultism. Joint possessions, joint resources, taxes, insurance.

9th House "Expansion", expansive thinking, philosophy, publishers, foreign travel, languages, higher education, broadening of own attitudes, morals, standards, freedom, faith, religion, The Law.

10th House "Achievement", ambitions, responsibilities, authority, the father (can be reversed with 4th. house mother). Public standing, reputation, public image, honour credit and position of the person, the employer.

11th House "Friendship", groups, clubs, societies, contact with acquaintances, "brotherhood", hopes, wishes, idealism.

12th House "Self-undoing", hidden enemies, hidden powers, that of bondage, phobias, escapism, desire for seclusion, retirement, large institutions, prisons, asylums, hospitals, sacrificial service to others, psychic intuition, the unconscious, large (dangerous) animals.


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