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Keywords   Common Associations for Each Sign

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are divided into 3 groups; Gender - masculine & feminine, Quadruplicity (Mode) - cardinal, fixed & mutable, and Triplicity (Element) - fire, earth, air & water. Keywords associated with these are as follows.


Masculine spontaneous, outward-going, extrovert, active
Feminine content, self-satisfied, introvert, passive

Quadruplicity Keywords

Cardinal enterprising, initiating, restless, direct
Fixed stable, steadfast, patient, "fixed"
Mutable adaptable, resourceful, changeable, responsive

Triplicity Keywords

Fire ardent, creative, assertive, enthusiastic
Earth practical, reserved, cautious, materialistic
Air intellectual, communicative, sociable, abstract
Water sensitive, intuitive psychic, emotional

The signs are thus described:-


 Symbol  Image                    Gender      Quadruplicity   Triplicity
Aries Aries The Ram Masculine Cardinal Fire
Taurus Taurus The Bull Feminine Fixed Earth
Gemini Gemini The Twins Masculine Mutable Air
Cancer Cancer The Crab Feminine Cardinal Water
Leo Leo The Lion Masculine Fixed Fire
Virgo Virgo The Virgin Feminine Mutable Earth
Libra Libra The Scales Masculine Cardinal Air
Scorpio Scorpio The Scorpion Feminine Fixed Water
Sagittarius Sagittarius The Centaur Masculine Mutable Fire
Capricorn Capricorn The Sea-Goat Feminine Cardinal Earth
Aquarius Aquarius The Water Bearer  Masculine Fixed Air
Pisces Pisces The Fishes Feminine Mutable Water


Common Associations For Each Sign


Symbol  Keywords
Aries Aries PRINCIPLE: energy, initiative, impulsive, sharpness, activity, direct, urgency.
HUMAN: courageous, leadership, aggressive, leader of the flock, self-assertive, extraverted, freedom loving, gregarious, pioneering.
PROFESSIONS: passionate types, soldiers, surgeons, engineers.
BODY AREA: the head.

Taurus Taurus PRINCIPLE: practical, conservative, solid, averse to change, determined.
HUMAN: reliable, patient, slow to anger, dogmatic, stubborn, sensual, love of luxury, strong feelings, possessive, love of music, singing, gardens.
PROFESSIONS: civil servants, accountants, builders, farmers.
BODY AREA: the throat and neck.

Gemini Gemini PRINCIPLE: Mentality, versatility, adaptability, communication, fickle, dualistic.
HUMAN: nonconformist, dual nature, tend to do two things at once, intellectual, spontaneous, inquisitive, liking variety and change, routine is death, flirtatious, coolly-affectionate, love of books, letters, all types of communication.
PROFESSIONS: communicators, writers, reporters.
BODY AREA: the shoulders and arms.

Cancer Cancer PRINCIPLE: domesticity, sensitivity, receptive, tenacity.
HUMAN: sympathetic, sentimental, imaginative, mentally shrewd, intuitive, needs security, home important, withdrawing nature, soft interior, inclination to nourish and protect, easily hurt within but outwardly self-assured and tough, protective and loyal to family and friends, great collectors, very good memory, quite politically minded.
PROFESSIONS: jobs looking after people, the sea, liquids, estate agents, public speaker.
BODY AREA: the breasts (chest).

Leo Leo PRINCIPLE: creative, vitality, authority, powerful, regal, passionate, ambitious, sunny.
HUMAN: faithful, sincere, generous, warmhearted, self-assured, courageous, proud, dignified, trustworthy, enthusiastic, dramatic, likes to be centre stage, likes to lead, stick to their principles, good organiser, love of luxury and pleasure, does things in a big way, quick to take offence, but quickly forgives.
PROFESSIONS: manager, director, organiser, actor.
BODY AREA: associated with the heart and back.

Virgo Virgo PRINCIPLE: selective, methodical, precise, reserved, conventional, practical, adaptable, urge for efficiency and perfection.
HUMAN: critical, shrewd, able to assimilate things in great detail, intelligent, helpful, evaluates life by facts and logic, analytical, thorough, conscientious, interested in hygiene, diet and cleanliness, undemonstrative, modest - often a lack of self-confidence.
PROFESSIONS: teaching, anything to do with work for others.
BODY AREA: the belly.

Libra Libra PRINCIPLE: harmony, companionship, balance, order, idealistic, perfectionist.
HUMAN: refined, artistic, intuitive, lovers of beauty and elegance, charming, kind and easy going, indecisive, easily influenced by others, tactful, diplomatic and co-operative, dislike discord and conflict, strong dislike of vulgarity, romantically sentimental, sensitive, feelings and emotions strong, requires fairness.
PROFESSIONS: needs harmonious, congenial conditions, away from noise and coarseness.
BODY AREA: the loins (lower back).

Scorpio Scorpio PRINCIPLE: regenerative, resourceful, secretive, determined, powerful, intense, tenacious.
HUMAN: keenly perceptive, intuitive, strong willed, self-confident, magnetic personality, direct in manner, capable of biting sarcasm but sensitive themselves, strong reasoning powers, passionate, jealous with strong sexual feelings, very loyal friends, selective, choosy about who gets close to them, interested in life and death, like to unravel mysteries.
PROFESSIONS: research workers, investigators, doctors.
BODY AREA: the groin (sex organs).

Sagittarius Sagittarius PRINCIPLE: ardent, hasty, impulsive, restless, aspiring, exploring, love of freedom.
HUMAN: jovial, benevolent, optimistic, sincere, just, tolerant, frank, outspoken, lover of liberty, freedom of speech, speak the truth but not diplomatically, need others' company but are independent and dislike restraint, love sport, intellectual, open-minded, deep thinkers, philosophical, religious tendencies, conventional, like change and novelty, highly strung.
PROFESSIONS: teachers, explorers, religious types.
BODY AREA: the hips and thighs.

Capricorn Capricorn PRINCIPLE: conservative, ambitious, organising, persevering, economical, methodical, resourceful.
HUMAN: restrained, conscientious, dutiful, patient, able to take knocks in life, mentally cool and calculating, cautious, serious, just - but hard and stern, dislike waste, tendency toward gloom and despondency, self-contained, strong-willed, suspicious, make good friends but reserved with strangers, conventional, cold, persevering, reliable.
PROFESSIONS: clerk or anything which needs organising.
BODY AREA: the knees.

Aquarius Aquarius PRINCIPLE: independent, original. inventive, communicative, intuitive, unpredictable.
HUMAN: intellectual, detached, humanitarian, high ideals, friendly, broadminded, original thinkers, unconventional, intuitive, attracted to the unusual, like public meetings, theatre, etc., in relationships faithful but very independent, can read a character, fixed ideas, strong-willed, na´ve, undemonstrative.
PROFESSIONS: charity work, own boss.
BODY AREA: the lower legs and ankles.

Pisces Pisces PRINCIPLE: idealistic, universal, adaptable, fluid, escapist, illusory.
HUMAN: emotionally sensitive, kind, sympathetic, compassionate, intuitive, easy-going, self-denying, anything for a quiet life, quickly moved to tears, dislike seeing suffering, can be gullible, timid and shy, dislike of violence and vulgarity, will not conform to disciplined or regimented pattern of behaviour, lack of concentration, impractical, quick to understand, listen and learn, deceptive, mystical.
PROFESSIONS: hospitals, charitable institutions, acting.
BODY AREA: the feet.


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