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Keywords   Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall


 Symbol  Keywords
Sun Sun PRINCIPLE: "Essence", spirit, creative self-expression, vitality.
WELL PLACED: self-assurance, courage, pride, confidence,warmth.
POORLY PLACED: lack of vitality, lack of self-confidence, egocentricity, ostentatious.

Moon Moon PRINCIPLE: "Personality", emotional response, instinctive reactions, habits, security, home, mother.
WELL PLACED: protective, nurturing, adaptable, security, generosity.
POORLY PLACED: smothering, defensive, possessive, moody, changeable, fearful.

Mercury Mercury PRINCIPLE: "Logical, communicative mind", mental and nervous co-ordination and transmission, mentality, memory, intelligence, is dual natured being analytical in masculine signs, synthesising in feminine signs.
WELL PLACED: clear thought, selectivity, level-headed, alertness, intelligent reasoning.
POORLY PLACED: nervousness, critical, indecisive, unsympathetic.

Venus Venus PRINCIPLE: "Feelings", sympathy, love-nature, beauty, harmony, artistic nature, desire for union, sensuality.
WELL PLACED: sharing, beautification, bringer of peace, love and accord.
POORLY PLACED: acquisitiveness, laziness, self-indulgence.

Mars Mars PRINCIPLE: "Self-assertion", aggression, impulsiveness, passion.
WELL PLACED: courage, stamina, dynamic energy, sexual drive.
POORLY PLACED: aggression, manipulation, cowardice, misuse of physical strength.

Jupiter Jupiter PRINCIPLE: "Expansion" in thought and action, philosophy, explorations, charity, mercy, faith, optimism, luck, maturity.
WELL PLACED: wisdom through understanding, expansion, religiosity.
POORLY PLACED: excess, waste, hypocrisy, opinionatedness.

Saturn Saturn PRINCIPLE: "Form", limitation, structure, law, self-discipline, endurance, obligations, responsibilities.
WELL PLACED: understanding of structures, helpful limitations, self-discipline, common sense.
POORLY PLACED: needless restraints, over-calculation, "tightness", lack of sympathy.

Uranus Uranus PRINCIPLE: "Deviation", eccentricity, originality, invention, sudden changes, intuition, truth, personal freedom.
WELL PLACED: originality, intuition, inventive, humanitarian.
POORLY PLACED: erratic, eccentric, wilful, anarchic.

Neptune Neptune PRINCIPLE: "Visions", universal love, inspiration, idealism, illusions, deception, dissolution, formlessness, intuition.
WELL PLACED: artistic ability, mystical visions, wide scope of perception.
POORLY PLACED: delusions, deception, craftiness, self-dramatisation.

Pluto Pluto PRINCIPLE: "Transformation", elimination and renewal, regeneration, complete change, elevation, trauma, obsessions, will-power, purification.
WELL PLACED: transformer, tension eliminator, evolutionary development.
POORLY PLACED: annihilator, over-forceful, manipulation, traumas.

Dragon's Head The Dragon's Head [North Node]
PRINCIPLE: Creative.
WELL PLACED: opportunities for personal growth through new experiences.
POORLY PLACED: missed opportunities.

Dragon's Tail The Dragon's Tail [South Node]
PRINCIPLE: Transformative.
WELL PLACED: established behaviour that may be used positively.
POORLY PLACED: established behaviour that hinders growth.


Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall

The planets are said to be stronger or weaker in particular signs. Traditionally, these are signs of rulership, exaltation, detriment and fall, as follows.


  Rulership     Exaltation     Detriment     Fall  
Sun Leo Aries Aquarius Libra
Moon Cancer Taurus Capricorn Scorpio
Mercury VirgoGemini Aquarius Pisces Sagitarrius Leo
Venus Libra Taurus Pisces Aries Scorpio Virgo
Mars Scorpio Aries Capricorn Taurus Libra Cancer
Jupiter Sagittarius Pisces Cancer Gemini Virgo Capricorn
Saturn Capricorn Aquarius Libra Cancer Leo Aries
Uranus Aquarius Capricorn Scorpio Leo Cancer Taurus
Neptune Pisces Sagittarius Cancer Virgo Gemini Capricorn
Pluto Aries Scorpio ? Libra Taurus ?
Dragon's Head None Gemini None Sagittarius
Dragon's Tail None Sagittarius None Gemini

A useful way of thinking about these terms and their effect upon a planet is to consider yourself in different people's homes.

In your own home you have complete freedom to express yourself. This is where you 'rule'. Without you your home would not be what it is - you are the power behind it. A planet in its rulership is similarly free to express itself and powers the sign it rules.

In a friend's home you have considerable freedom to express yourself but you feel less free than in your own. However, your friend will treat you well and accord you certain privileges; in a sense, you are 'raised up'. (Exaltation)

In your enemy's home your freedom of expression is severely restricted. You are constantly on your guard, wary and fearful of incurring your enemy's wrath. This is the last place you would want to be. (Detriment)

In your enemy's friend's home there is no direct threat to you but still your freedom of expression is considerably restricted even though you might have a reasonably amicable relationship with your host. (Fall)


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