Zodiacal Astrology : A Method For Interpretation

Initial Analysis   Detailed Analysis
Initial Analysis

It is usual to begin the interpretation of a horoscope with an brief overview. This allows the astrologer to find general characteristics which will provide a 'key' into the chart in question. Common methods are :-

Hemisphere & Quadrant Analysis The houses fall into 'hemispheres' - groups of 6 centred on the angles - and 'quadrants' - groups of 3 bounded by the angles. The Planets are unlikely to fall evenly distributed among the houses and, therefore, a particular hemisphere or quadrant will be emphasised by plantary placement.

The hemispheres are interpreted as follows:-
The South (houses 7 - 12) - extroverted, the external world is most important.
The North (h. 1 - 6) - introverted, the internal world is most important.
The East (h. 10 - 3) - self-oriented.
The West (h. 4 - 9) - relationship-oriented.

The quadrants combine the qualities of the appropriate hemispheres.
Predominant Element and Mode The Planets, M.C. and Asc. are assessed according to their elements and modes.
The predominant element and mode will hint at a particular sign. If, for example, the Air element and Cardinal mode are emphasised then the chart will have a 'Libran' quality.
Planetary Pictures In his book 'The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation' Marc Edmund Jones describes several basic shapes based on simply looking at the configuration of the planets in the horoscope. Each 'picture' suggests a general character type.


Detailed Analysis

A sequence for the intrepretation of a natal horoscope is shown below.

Note that the Ascendant, Moon and Sun are given priority before moving on to recurrant life experiences and daily life in general.

Also, when interpreting a planet in a sign and house, consider the planet to be the "what" is acting, the sign "how" it acts and the house "where" it acts.


1. Ascendant Sign

Right Arrow   Planets in 1st. house Right Arrow   Aspects Outermost Self
2. Ascendant Ruler

Right Arrow   Sign & House Right Arrow   Aspects Attitude Toward Life
3. Moon

Right Arrow   Sign & House Right Arrow   Aspects Persona
4. Sun

Right Arrow   Sign & House Right Arrow   Aspects Essence
5. Major Aspect Patterns

Recurrent Life Experiences
6. "Round the Houses"

Right Arrow   For each house note:-
1. Sign on the house cusp.
2. Planet(s) in the house.
3. Ruler of the house
    (according to its sign, house and aspects).
4. Aspects to the planet(s) in the house.
Areas of Life


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